[Archived] Video capture over FireWire, i.LINK and 1394



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Here's how to capture video in VEGAS Pro and Movie Studio using FireWire, i.LINK and 1394:

  • Connect your camera to your capture card.
  • Put your camera in VTR mode and start video capture by going to "File" or "Project" in the software.
  • Select DV as the video capture format.
  • In the Capture Preferences menu, select the device you want to capture with.
  • Use the transport controls to set the starting point of the video capture.
  • If your camera cannot be controlled by the software, press the play button on the camera.
  • Click "Capture Now" (or press Ctrl+R) to start capture.
  • To stop capture, click the Stop button in the transport controls or press Esc on your keyboard.

VEGAS Pro does not support analog video capture or video capture over USB.
For analog capture, we recommend using the software included with your capture card.
You can then import the captured video into VEGAS Pro or Movie Studio for editing.