What do the burning options "Encode all" / "Use all" do?


  • . Video deluxe
  • . Video easy
  • . Video Pro X
  • . Photostory Deluxe


  • . Import & export

If you' re asked right at the beginning of the burning process whether you want to "Encode all" or "Use all", you have already burned this movie project in the past and you have the choice between burning the movie unchanged or re-encoding it.

  • If you select "Encode all", the entire project will be re-encoded. Select this option if you have made changes to the project since the last time you burned it. 
  • The "Encode" option encodes only the current movie.  If you only have one movie in your project, it makes no difference if you select "Encode all" or "Encode".
  • To burn the movie as is, select "Use all". Doing this will burn the movie without re-encoding it.