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About me

Matthew Weng - Currently finishing a degree in Game Design/Development. I code in C++, C# and Python, but I am primarily a 2D/3D designer, writer and game designer. I have worked on numerous projects throughout my 20+ years in the VFX and Post Production Industry. I've moved my focus to something which I find much more challenging. As much as problem-solving falls in my wheelhouse, I'm much more content designing characters, splash pages, logotypes, and, ultimately, games in which something relatively horrible is chasing you, and you can't really "win" per se... but staying alive long enough to earn some schwag, make the boards, and kill and maim a few of the nasty blighters that are out to turn you into chunky salsa can be pretty satisfying...

My interests

CG animation, Visual Effects, Digital Sculpture, Game Design/Development, Music, SFX and Original Scoring, Cycling, Weight Training, Fencing, Tai Chi, Boxing

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