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About me

I am a Multicam videographer from Queensland Australia.
My productions consist of Weddings, Funerals, Funeral slideshows, live bands, Promotional videos and anything people want shot.
I sometimes use up to 15 cameras and 13 or more audio tracks in an edit with up to 24 individual track recording available to me with my custom built, fully portable recording setup.
My equipment includes.
2x Sony AX2000
2x Canon HF200
8x Gopro 3 Black
2x Gopro 3+ Black
1x Gopro 4 Black
1x Gopro 4 Silver
9x Brunton Gopro long life batteries (6HR)
1x Replay Prime x
1x Replay 1080 XD (Guitar Cam)
2x ION Air pro
1x G4S Gimbal
Various Battery Banks
Audio recorders including
1x Zoom H2n
1x Olympus WS833
3x Zoom R16
Various Shotgun Microphones, Lapel Microphones, Custom built Wireless Headsets and whatever else I could think of to do the job.
My main editing is done with VPX always updated as well as VPX 7 as a backup with plugins from Red Giant, Neat Video and Newblue Essentials 2,3 and 4.
I am currently trialing Sony (Magix) DVD Architect with good results and will be purchasing.

My interests

Video Editing and that's about it

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