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About me

I guess people do actually read these blogs to find out a little more about us artists. I hail from Seattle Washington, lush green mountains nestled up against the crystaline waters of the Puget Sound.
I have been working with Magix for about 5 years and began working with reason for about the last year. I have played many many instruments over the years and like most music but find that the power of creating full bodied musical textures with programs and midi is somehow a bit fulfilling in the creative sense as there is almost no necessitation for colaboration.

I'm generally a pretty mellow sort of person and like all generas of music but listen to Trance and Ambient music mostly. Everthing from Above and Beyond to Lorena McKennit.
I just purchased Magix 15 Premium and am having fun exploring the new features and and plug-ins. I go through creative spurts where I don't create much in the way of music, well mostly due to lack of loops and what not so if you know of a good resource please let me know. Magix only puts out samples very infrequently.

If you have any questions or want to know more drop me a line.

My interests

Music, Food, Theatre, Gardening, Cooking, Movies, Socializing, Hiking, Camping, Sports, the usual suspects

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