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About me

I have been using music programs since the days the days of Music 2000 and all the way through EJay in its various forms. So Music Maker was probably the next step in my evolution into music making. I cannot say that I am really steered to any certain genre of music as I like most types of it. Over time hopefully you will see all kinds of music that I have already done from Ambient to Rock and Dance to Hip Hop etc. I use the name Gochikku which is sort of Japanese for 'Gothic' and used to sell Anime under that name for some years. So I thought that I would re-invent it for my music.

My interests

Music of course. But I like travelling. There are so many countries out there still to be discovered by me. The culture, food, music, history, I want to experience it all. Plus I enjoy cooking. The pleasure when people delight in one of my dishes. I love to experiment with basic meals and make them shine.

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