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About me

A modern old guy, Electronics and pcb designer for CCTV surveillance industry. I was bassist in a band many years ago, (Fender precision) we played local clubs and venues. Although I'm 66, I don't listen to old music, I like Trance, ambient, chillout, Modern jazz, jazz funk and rock. Gear: KORG M3 Xpanded, MMM 2013 Premium, Zoom R16, Omnisphere, Trilian Bass, Sonar X1
Now supposedly dying of Lung Cancer, but I'm still here...fighting back ;-) Just out of Hospital after having Pneumonia... the guy upstairs seems determined to get me?
Hoping to get back here soon and produce some more music, health permitting.

My interests

Electronics, Music, RC Helicopters, with on-board live video, (hence my nickname HeliEye) PC's, online rallying (Dirt2, Dirt3)
Quantum physics, anything hi-tech.
And now researching Cancer.. ie how to survive it ;-)

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