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About me

I was introduced to piano at 13. I was taught briefly music theory in school. Picked up my first acoustic guitar from my cousin at 17. When I was 16, I started to dive into collecting underground music at my local Record shop. One of my friends was a DJ that DJed around town. I made friends with the owner of the Record shop. I have been collecting music for the past 28 years, always looking for new stuff, CDs, Vinyl, or Downloads. My first Degree is in Commercial Photography, solely in Film, Printing, Processing, and Shooting-(1994). I was introduced to audio / music production since 1998 in College. Originally the main priority in college was Imaging, Graphics, Video and Audio (1997-2003)(2nd Degree). Bought my first Electric guitar about 2000. More exploration in sequencing and audio production was more independent and experimental in 2001, both with Software and Hardware. Hardware didn't come until 2005, when I bought my first Synth / Workstation 2005 (beginner). Production became a whole lot easier. I explored more hardware and software from 2005- present. Found that there were limitations with the first Synth / Workstation. Bought a second Synth (analogue) 2006. Then upgraded to the bigger and badder Workstation / Synth in 2008. About 2008, I dove more into production, editing, Mixing and Mastering techniques more so in 2010- present. The whole process is experimental, jamming, and sketching out stuff. Graphic Design, Logos, Photography and Imaging by Polygonal_.

My interests

My interests are in Music /Audio Production / Sound Design and Video Production, Photography, Graphics, and Advanced Computer Operation / IT. I am very addicted to collecting music -CDs / Vinyl / Downloads / Mixes. I am addicted to TECH. I also read and research frequently.

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