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A year in this community and I have learned so much regarding the use of Magix Music Maker. It's possibilities has offered me a better way expressing my thoughts and emotions through music.
I thank the software developers in doing a great job.
I have been a musician for 25 years and I appreciate all kinds of genres, even the ones your grandfather used to play. As long as it makes my heart sing with it, I like it. So this is where my scoring on criticisms are approached.
I may say the kindest words to every criticism because it is our culture to be kind to others. But i put a deserving star everytime. I do this so I cannot be an influence to other critics with my words... hey, leave the sound mixing abilities to the pros, it is their job. They have been studying and developing this craft for decades with the right tools, so why expect something from a simple musician with a home computer?
Let's face it.

If someone commented a not so good comment, this can affect the interest of the listener. And the scoring can spiral out unrelentlessly. But I look more into the potential of the song. I listen with my heart open... Why did the author made this creation... Is it from joy? Pain? Anger? Guilt? Or just simply... hey I have to make an upload quick..
Let the stars sum up as a community's voice and offer it to the author so he can know if his creation is appreciated or not.
I think it will be better if comments are links on the FAQs with regards to technical matters in using the software.
Each of us here is an artist. Imagine a painter hanging up his masterpiece then someone saying 'hey it's too red! or 'it is too green!'. What will the painter say to you? He will just shrug it off his shoulder and go on with his life. Until someone appreciates it. Come on, let the other viewers have a feel of their own too before the created art.
By the way the Q and A's are a big help here. So feel free to roam around and learn many things in this community. Not from people with narrow minds who carelessly comments on things as if their own creations rule.

And the final thing I will ask to myself as I listen to an upload... Will it sell? Do yours?

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