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Hello Community---- I am a disabled Veteran living the DREAM in upper New England with my wonderful, beautiful wife, Kathleen, of 53 years. Born in Brooklyn in 1945 and hopefully will pass in the far future in Maine. I am on three different music platforms to share my work with no profit. When people can enjoy anything I do, then I am Happy. Don't we all love the 'likes' and comments. Not bad for the ego either, huh?😁
My interests are my God, my Wife, my photography, still and video, my 10 x 25 foot O gauge model train layout which was the catalyst for being here, to write my own score for the train vids, my fish, my music and of course my health. CHRIS (that's what the 'SEA' stands for) 😄 Oh, did I tell you about our poodles, Polly &Poppy. Don't get me started.

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