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About me

Hey yall I'm just a old fart now ,,,been playing guitar for about 50 yrs or so that is i started learning chords and simple tunes at 10 yrs old and always wanted to put a band together, but back in the late 70's early 80's finding musicians with my same interest was not easy, and getting together to practice or even a back yard shin dig was hard to do,,, with work, family and Girlfriends taking up most of my time. Man if i had all this tech we have today,, and youtube for the information,inspiration,and imagination, back then well there is no telling where or what i'd be today..making a living with music hopefully,, But really its always like therapy, relaxing with some music, makes the stress melt away for awhile...and keeps your spirit's up !!! So now i'm retired got plenty of time to create some really cool music,and i dont need to get a band together anymore,,lol the guys and gals inside the music maker never get tired and they dont complain about mixing a litlle country with my rock or jazzin it up with some key's and string's,,, ha ha who knew.... wish i had all these gadgets back when...

My interests

i'm retired carpenter, but i still take on small jobs on the side, cabinets, furniture and Stuff, birdhouse's and picture frame's once in awhile too. I like most music, if it's got a bit of a beat to it.. like i said i'm a old fart hit 60 this year, yep been rode hard and put up wet, left out in the rain and never barn kept,, but it's all good what dont kill ya make's you stronger and a bit wiser too i reckon,,,

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rx- for Medicinal purpose's Listen to music 3 to 4 times a day as needed.