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About me


I am Tyr.
I am a musician.
I am 42 years old.
I play many instruments, a few not good.
Every song which I have completely to listen, I give my vote.

See you Tyr :)

Preamble: *lol*

Okay, the most time you see in public I am only voting, but you can’t know, that I talk about much more about privat message. And sometimes I give my thoughts to a few user, but no criticism. I am not a critics-man, and I think a artist has not „the right to know what is it in particular which created the impression“.

It is enough to me, me as an artist, to know, likes, or not! It is also all a matter of taste! I give every user the freedom to write comments or not or make a vote or not, at this momment, when I had upload my media.

I think: Music and rhythm, you can learning when you make music with a instrument to find the feeling for it. And than, only your yourself elected teacher has the job to criticise you. Not so many user here at magix are a teacher from me personally, but I know some, they can be my teacher. :)

1 §

My bigger smiley mark my vote.

2 §

If I ask you to contact me I would like to send to you interesting media I have discovered here at Magix.

3 §

Who not want to vote by me, please tell me.

My votes:

1 star: I don't like it!

2 stars: It's okay!
Have some nice parts. A lot of improvements you can do. Further in this way.

3 stars: That is Good!
It is a good foundation. You probably are able more than this.

4 stars: Very good!
It can be still improved or remain as it is.

5 stars: Excellent!
Yes, this persuades me personally. Better it does not go, still you can also become better.

Meine Bewertungen:

1 Stern: Ich mag es nicht!

2 Sterne: Es ist Okay!
Sind einige nette Parts dabei. Viele Verbesserungen können Sie tun. Weiter so.

3 Sterne: Das ist gut!
Es ist ein gutes Fundament. Sie sind wahrscheinlich zu mehr fähig als das.

4 Sterne: Sehr gut!
Es kann noch verbessert werden oder bleiben wie es ist.

5 Sterne: Ausgezeichnet!
Ja, das überzeugt mich persönlich. Besser geht es nicht, dennoch können auch Sie sich besseren.

My interests

Show and view music, vote music with smileys and give my thoughts

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