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I'm shell shocked in regards to mistreatment by a Magix employed Facebook admin. Including but not limited to being called a liar, verbal threats and account deletion from a Magix run community. How you could treat anyone this way is beyond me, let alone publicly, especially if you represent a multinational corporation. 

Magix customer since XARA was assimilated, 2007? Sequoia, Sampletude, Music Maker Jam (my first sudo DAW 2008). So I'm doing my best to not allow one single employees abuse turn me off from nearly 17 years of loyalty. Thousands upon thousands invested, it makes sense as well. As I sit here, the MAGIX logo upsets me, indicating to me that the damage is very real! It was rather disheartening, effected me more than I thought that it would. I trust Magix, my defenses were down... This really hurt... This persons efforts to silence me only fuels my need to be heard. As a fan, supporter, loyal client... It's my DUTY to bring this to light. If it was my company, I would want to know. Left with little option, but I do not wish to show Magix in Ill light. So I'm starting this crusade internally at first. I only seek acknowledgement, an apology isn't even a wish at this point. Hopefully someone can offer me a little light or love. I did not deserve this. I'm a kind person, not used to public humiliation nor being called a liar.

*To be completely honest, I have cried and lost sleep over this.

Please kind sir ma'am, point me in the right direction. I wish to move forward as soon as possible and discard this negativity. Kindly seeking moderation to this unfortunate chain of events. In my 40+ years on this planet, I have never had an altercation with another company like this...  If it gets to the point were I must divulge details, you will clearly understand my sentiments.

Screen shots, witnesses etc, will be brought to light via Twitter, Facebook pages for all non US entities, LinkedIn....... (read: all resources available to me)

Again, starting this internally for now to mitigate damage. Please help me be heard. I wish to move forward, it's affecting my day to day life, general wellbeing and my creativity