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About me

Ageing ex-rocker. My love is Rock music, but I also like many other types of music as well. If I like it, I like it.
I am a sign Maker and have worked in the Sign business most of my working life.
I have been playing keyboard on and off since I was a child. I cannot read music, I pick everything up by ear and practice. I'm not a good singer but I give it a go. All my songs are composed by me, and most of them are sung by me. When I sing, I write the lyrics also. I work mainly with Midi and vst's now. I still sometimes work with samples, but not very much any more. Most of all I try to make my songs as believable as i can. Songs are about making you feel something, and that is what i try to do.
If you enjoy any of my work, that's good. If you remember my work, then I am happy.

My interests

I have a passion for computers and have built and upgraded my own computers for several years now. Making music in my spare time.

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