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About me

I'm old and wore plumb out. After 22 surgeries I've decided to stay home and work on my photo restorations and art work. I have also found out that ,out of pure bordom, I have found I have a very very good ability to not only learn most software programs but also I build and repair my own and others computers from scratch. All with NO traing . Just my desire to prove to my family and friend I could do it,when they all told me to just forget it, it was way out of my range of abilities though I can and did build custom homes from the ground up. I did all of it from cement work to electrical and cabinetry/furniture building. Even drywall and plastering. So I had to show them I could master any computer thing they could come up with and way beyound thier abilities. I have one brother that writes software and programs Nuclear missles for the pentagon. I have since surpASSED HIM IN THE COMPUTER REPAIR AND EVEN FIXING AND TROUBLESHOTTING BOTH SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE TROUBLES. Sorry for blowing my own horn ,but if I don't (being a disabled shutin) then who will? Update I recently found out I am now terminally ill but what the heck I'm still vertical and have a pulse (last time I checked anyway I'm afraid to check now)"
I now have a new mission in life and that is to show off my EXTEREMLY talented daughter,who is 19 years old and has taken her small college town by storm with her voice. She won the largest full ride scholarship in the colleges history for her talent as an instrumental musician but when they heard her sing she knocked everyone out. They couldn't belivieve what was coming out of such a small package.
She never had a voice lesson in her life but now after only 6 weeks she is singing opera in 4 different languages and people have traveled from several surounding states to hear her.
She also tested with the highest IQ ever recorded in our towns schools history.( She gets that from me, her music talent from her Mom.) When I sing I sound like someone using a cat as a bag pipe.

My interests

I have been restoring and repairing damaged photos as well as trying my hand at photo ARTography as I call it since retiring after 28 years as a master carpenter. But after having undergone 20 ortopedic surgeries on my hands,neck,back and a 6 bypass heart surgery I thought it's time to slow down some. Ya think??
So now I restore damaged photo's for anyone who needs them.
I am now learning video editing and making music videos for my daughter and her college some too. I love special effects.
I also build new and repair computers as well as trouble shoot both hardware and software troubles for people.

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