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Musician, indie movie producer, editor, bookkeeper, and a finally calm soul.

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We are born an awareness that takes a body. During life we build a personality, defense system, understanding of life. But all of that came after we were born, and is not who we truly are. We are each one seven billionth of one species among hundreds of thousands of species on a small little planet that circles a small ball of fire in a galaxy containing more suns than all the grains of sand in all the deserts of the earth, a galaxy among billions of galaxies, a galaxy flying through never ending space at 1,304,880 miles per hour. Our made up personality wants to be the center of all things, a god, but we aren't. We are like those little grains of sand in the endless eternal desert, but diamonds and sapphires are grains of sand. Like those little grains of sand, we are each a beautiful diamond. Let God love you.