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This says I've been a member since 02/23/13....that's a bit incorrect. I bought Magix Movie Edit Pro in 2015 so I guess I've been a member since then. I just recently found this site/community or else I would have been uploading my stuff here, too. So I'm slowly catching up. I create the videos to my music with hopes that it will help keep the attention of the listener so that they'll listen to the complete song. My main focus is the music but I do enjoy making the videos, too. I have about 15 song/videos on youtube, search fpescobedo if you would like to hear/see them. I will eventually load them up here, however, some of them I don't use any Magix product to create them and I wouldn't feel right about loading them up on this site. I try to listen to the new uploads every night but sometimes I don't have enough time. So feel free to send me a message or link when you do something new so I won't miss it. Thanx for listening.

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