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About me

Sleepy Eyez was born Harris Jackson in Knoxville Tennessee. His interest in music began he was ten years old. As with many others in school, it started with an open hand and a fist, beating in time on a cafeteria table. As Harris worked with his hands, others used their mouths. They worked in the fine art of the Freestyle, rapping over the beat he provided. He later formed a group with three of his friends. They competed in talent shows and performed at birthday parties. They even put out a five-song tape that they sold around the neighborhood. For two years they stayed on the grind, but eventually decided to go their separate ways. In high school Sleepy started working as a DJ, creating and selling mix tapes. He worked the school as well as the parties in and around Knoxville. By the time he was out of high school he had published numerous mix tapes, but he was unsatisfied. He knew there was more in the world for him to accomplish. He started composing his own music, crafting unique beats attuned to this southern style. By 2001 he had published two albums of his own music. That same year he met Screw Loose, also know as Sevaugn Green, and together they formed Just 2 Tight Records. Just 2 Tight Records put out six albums and performed in numerous locations around town. It was lucrative, and allowed Sleepy Eyez to grow, but it was not meant to last. By 2005 the group broke up. In 2006 Sleepy formed Top Notch Productions, his own personal effort to make his music heard. He opened doors for himself, producing tracks for artists all over the country. In 2006 Sleepy signed a deal with G.E. Entertainment, a crucial step in his personal development. He is now on his own poised to become one of the best producers in the South.

My interests

making beats, producing and writing

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