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About me

A world traveller and IT-analyst. I use a high-spec super-fast home-built PC with Win10 64-bit, i7-6700K 4GHz processor, MSI Z-series MoBo (with Intel chipset), 16GB DDR4, 512GB NVMe system disc, a 6TB data disc, and MEP 2016+. No extra graphics card as the i7 has its own built-in GPU. This will render a 30 min video in about 20 minutes.

My interests

I use MEP mainly for making holiday videos from my camera photo and video clips. I may combine several sources (cameras, smartphone, camcorder) to make a single video, usually adding titles, transitions and subtitles, with basic effects for image selection, zooming, panning, color correction and image stabilisation. I sometimes burn to DVD and BD disc, but now I prefer to stream from PC HDD to a Samsung SmartTV using the Deezer app. From the sofa, I can watch all my holiday photos, movies or select any of my music.

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