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About me

My wondrous exploration is to be inspired and to inspire people of all ages to create. I am an artist in education with the Arkansas Arts Council. My passion is getting children involved in the Arts. I especially love writing plays and books with children. I live in the rural delta, a place that yearns for creativity and artistic light. So in a way, I feel called to do that as much as possible. The song art covers I create come from my vast collection of digital elements that I fondly refer to as, "Vintage Mod."; a little of the old made anew.
I have been writing songs for over 40 years. It is a journey of magical transportation and communion, illumination and truly a joyful swim into the sea of sounds.
I am an author as well, more about me on Arts Council Website

My interests

writing,music, arts in education, gardening, travel, digital art collages, and trying my hand at designing fabrics.

My signature

Music between the retro and ambient grooves of time.