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About me

Hello,my name is Mick Paraida and i'm a Belgian Composer..
I discovered the techno in 1988 with the tube of confetti's(this is sound of c.)..in full period New Beat.
I stuck at once(as well for sounds and rhythm)
Passing years,I discovered the other styles(goa,jungle,hardcore)and new styles(psytrance,hardstyle..)appeared.
And has every time,I adhered(subscribed)(When it is good tracks)
At present,my favourite artists is MIKE Push.
Indeed on,I estimate the work of the others(Black Eyed Peas,Mickael Jackson,Serge Gainsbourg,Maxime Le Forestier,Tiesto,Daft Punk and many more)
One day,by reading a mag,I learnt that we could make some music with an personnal computer and that there were soft with techno sounds.
I say myself "well,we are going to try".
I began in the year 2000 with Music 2000 on Playstation and then,i passed on PC.
At the beginning,it was shitty(is not Mozart who wants) but has trial strength,I took(brought)out drinkable things(positive opinion by the auditors)
But an incident(formatting hard disk)made me lose my compos.
I of the whole to redo(I had no external hard disk during the loss)and decided later to make it protect a part has the Sabam.
Today,(while waiting for to publish them on BEATPORT or TRACKITDOWN),I make discover my tracks.. They consist for the greater part with samples magix or
Ejay...Sometimes with FL studio.

My interests

The computer-aided music, the mixing, the gardening,
Landwirtschaft Simulator,Simtractor

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