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About me

I signed up with MAGIX in May 2012 not long after I retired. I have made home movies for the wider family since then based on the usual family stuff plus holidays. The latter usually means historical stuff. I have made about 46 MAGIX based movies since then filled with film and photos plus much music as well as verbal dialogue from yours truly.

My interests

I am a keen history fan with particular emphasis on the ancient side of things. Paradoxically I am also an avid Science Fiction Fan. All this is mixed with an overwhelming love of music of most types hence my Music Room and my large collection of vinyl, CD's, Videos and books on the subject. But centrepiece of my Music room is my jukebox!

I currently have a Mesh Windows 10 Image Computer acquired in July 2017. It has 16GB Ram, a 64 bit Operating System & 64 based Processor, INTEL (R) CORE(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.6GHz 3.60GHz. I am by no means a computer wizard however!

My signature

pih .... I tell the truth and I am compassionate.