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Started with MEP 11, then 17, then MX, then MEP 2013, 2015, then 2016. Changed to the fast competitor after that which worked fine with my non-Intel hardware. Then bought a used Dell with an Intel GPU, just to play with MEP again. Installed MEP 2020 Plus in March 2020, even tho I don't like losing patches if I have to reinstall after a year.

Testing on a Dell Vostro, i3-8100, UHD 630, 16 GB 2400 DDR4 (CL15), Win10 Home, heavily NTLite'd. Now with GTX-1650 Super OC'd. Added a WD Blue M.2 for OS (PCIe 3), Apps, Temps and Video-In. 2 Monitors. A WD Blue SSD for outputs. (SATA III.)