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About me

I'm A snobbish, Pedantic dillitante psuedointellectual (unapologettically)
I Belive in a Psyco-social revolution, in other words no real revolution can come from politics. it must first come from within the INDIVIDUAL who Takes Precedence among all things. Once that hurdle is crossed(if ever; I should say)then we can collectively extract ourselves from the tomfoolery of the historical/materialist dialectic. Hegel Should be taught to Kids. Philosophy, Greek, Latin,these languages should be taught in school. but America is the land of the Educational abbitoir,the processing plant of the functionally mediocre.

I like to ramble. I write ,record, Produce, perform my music, under the Band name of STRETCHER-BEARER. SLEEP RESEARCH LABS is the name of my "STUDIO"/Record Label. It's just basically me, making music, or painting or trying to make films with no budget. I have one album so far called CADAVERS WESTWARD on, iTunes all those poor mp3 sites. ( I Don'tLIke Compresed formats) I prefer CD DVD Vinyl etc.
I'm Currently deadlocked on my new album.

My interests

Psychedelic Art and Underground Psychedelic/ex[perimental music. DADA Surrealism NEW art?

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