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About me

Hi let me introduce myself ...

As you can see by my profile page I’ve got a passion for adventure, travel and music…
I embrace the thrills and challenges that life offers me, I consider myself to be a free spirit and I blaze my own trail.
At the age of nineteen I got the travel bug wanderlust, a longing for the open frontier and distant horizons so I decided to work around Europe and Africa which I loved, it was a great experience all ten years of it...

Its OK don’t worry I don’t bite and I’m not a pushy marketer !
I don’t sell snow to Arabs and sand to Eskimos.

However I am interested in media and advertising concepts Videos and film.

My interests

Hi Everyone !

As you all know I like producing videos , and I am currently working on a video entitled YUWIE'S ELEVEN !

But I need you guys to help me so I can compile and produce this video !

I am looking for people to play the following roles !

Here is the link !

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