06. Home

Roxall schrieb am 01.09.2016 um 02:20 Uhr
Titel: Home
Künstler: Roxall
Album: My Universe

The 6th track of my home made album. created entirely using Magix Midis and my vocals.

No soundpools were used.

Like all the tracks, I had formerly uploaded this song to this site. But have since reproduced and remastered them for my album.


This song is the "Ballad" of the album. A majestic little tribute to my wife.

Enjoy and please leave feedback.



A while ago we both found it.

and then we made vows to keep it.

There were times when we nearly lost it.

But home is where the heart is and I am...




I am Home.

I am home.

I am home when I'm with you.


And I know you've made sacrifices.

And I know you've made compromises.

And I know I can be hard to live with.

But home is where the heart is and I am....




Ehemaliger User schrieb am 01.09.2016 um 11:30 Uhr

track very beautiful, vocal interpretation would say perfect.
The song is very attractive.
song that I particularly liked


Soundschill schrieb am 01.09.2016 um 15:13 Uhr

Ein super Titel von Dir! Erinnert mich etwas an Gary Brooker von der Band Procol Harum.

5* von mir und weiter so!!!

Gruß, SoundSchill.

HellRaiser schrieb am 01.09.2016 um 15:57 Uhr

Can't remember this song, but it is a well done slow rock. Great Midi Music, great singing *****

Nickillus schrieb am 01.09.2016 um 18:48 Uhr

Really liked this love song before, Roxall, and still do. Your grungey vocals alongside this lovely melody work brilliantly well.  Just super stuff.  Good luck with getting the album just how you want it.


beabea schrieb am 02.09.2016 um 20:41 Uhr

...feiner text, feiner gesang, feiner song...

waalfred schrieb am 04.09.2016 um 15:00 Uhr

Interesting and really nice, you´ve done a great job


Ehemaliger User schrieb am 05.09.2016 um 14:15 Uhr

Hi Roxall:

"No soundpools were used".  And, people can hear that difference right from the beginning and throughout this song.  

The instruments and your vocals are memorable.  I like what you've done with this, my friend.


jecke schrieb am 10.09.2016 um 20:11 Uhr

Kind of a ballad compared to the other ones, a bit strange rythm but
I like it. Very mellow and I think it is a great song to relax to.
Nice one!! ;-)