As a tear from my eye dreams...

Roxall schrieb am 30.07.2015 um 23:54 Uhr

The quiet introspective but intense dark ambience that is the 5th track of my homemade album. 

I wrote this song as an interlude, to take a break from all the heaviness and act as a dream like bridge to the next track on the album -

The song paints a picture of being in a pyschedelic state of mind, before dawn, sitting on a mountain, gazing out to the stars in deep intropsective thought. Melancholy...

Sit back and enjoy.

Thank you for listening.

Feeback would be greatly appreciated.

"I sit atop this mountain, I ponder what could've been. The opportunities I wasted. As a tear from my eye dreams.....


Ehemaliger User schrieb am 31.07.2015 um 13:59 Uhr

the initial effects are very interesting, the trace level strumentaale seems well made.
ambient music far from the way I live, but I have to give an opinion on your work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would say that is interesting


Piazzini schrieb am 31.07.2015 um 21:36 Uhr

Hoi Nogman

the opener I find great, dark and atmospheric.

the flute or the synth should be perhaps a little quieter. singing I think look good, very interesting fx.

very good song, full of atmosphere.

en liebe gruess vom


Ehemaliger User schrieb am 05.08.2015 um 18:42 Uhr


i like the stuff. very dark atmosphere, great.