Mother (Pink Floyd cover)

Roxall schrieb am 11.01.2016 um 23:16 Uhr

This is my heavy metal rendition of Pink Floyds classic song Mother.

I have remastered it and re uploaded it for this fine community to listen to.

NO soundpools were used in this song. This song is created entirely with Midis.

The only external instrument are my vocals.


Feedback would be much appreciated.


HellRaiser schrieb am 11.01.2016 um 23:47 Uhr

Wow, this is a real heavy version! Great midi work combined with your scratchy harsh voice! I also like the sound *****

Nickillus schrieb am 12.01.2016 um 11:05 Uhr

Probably my favourite track off the Wall album, and you've done a great reinterpretation.  You've got some superb midi sounds going, and your vocals sit in there perfectly.  The 'Nogman7 wall of sound'.  Excellent effort.


Ehemaliger User schrieb am 12.01.2016 um 11:58 Uhr

arrangement in metal style is a trace of the cult rock,
particular, but I would say very interesting.
I must say that your vision metal, the song I really liked
you were really good, great idea and great arrangement

the vocal performance is wonderfull!!!!!!!!!!


Piazzini schrieb am 13.01.2016 um 20:42 Uhr

Hoi Nogman

Excellent Metal version of this beautiful song.
Very good job and a really impressive metal voice.
I like it very much.

en liebe gruess vom


NorbertSN schrieb am 14.01.2016 um 18:06 Uhr

Hey Nogman,

You impress me with every new song.

This is a great variation to the original theme and I gotta say I love it.

Very nice guitars and the synths are a wonderful fit.

Your vocals are, as always, the cream on top. Great track!

Oh yes...5* for this wonderful metal music piece.

All the best, Norbert

martinheeremans schrieb am 14.01.2016 um 22:31 Uhr

Dam, this is so well done!!!, Your beat is so wel played, considering the original is so different in terms of sound, the lyrics do work for heavy metal.

Even the lyrics to Mother fit really well with heavy music - Seeings it's about dropping Nukes and stuff, makes sense for it to have a heavy metal tone to it.

I gotta say, your voice is the ideal metal voice, it really stays in my head long after the track has finished. Put on top your musical score, it really is great heavy metal bro!

MuggeMaker schrieb am 15.01.2016 um 15:51 Uhr

Wow, very "hard" vocals, i like them!

Great cover version!

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 16.01.2016 um 12:37 Uhr

Hi Nogman,
very interesting this your idea of making a metal version of this song by Pink Floyd, the result of a very good standard.
Congratulations on your interpretation.


JuanIsidoro schrieb am 31.01.2016 um 08:42 Uhr


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Me llamo Juan Isidoro. Soy de Sevilla al sur de España.Trabajo en un camion y hago musica por placer.

Espero que os guste.

My name is juan Isidoro. I’m from Seville in southern Spain.
Working a truck and do music for pleasure.I hope you like.



IanCave schrieb am 20.02.2016 um 17:11 Uhr

Hi Nogman,very good job,great vocals!This lyrics are jus tgreat!!