How to unlock functions, instruments, soundpools and presets

Larry98 schrieb am 30.12.2017 um 16:21 Uhr

This Tutorial was originally written in German for this forum, but after a user request I decided to translate it into English.

Thanks go to keith-clatworthy ​​​​​​​ for the pictures and with cleaning up the English translation.

Hello MAGIX User,

Some people have had problems figuring out how the new Music Maker works.
First I will explain the concept and then how to unlock your edition. Later I will explain how to unlock the instruments, soundpools, functions and presets.

Since September 2017 MAGIX has introduced a new concept for Music Maker.
In earlier versions MAGIX gave you a specific set of soundpools, instruments, functions and presets.

If you wanted a specific function or preset that was not included in your chosen version of Music Maker then you would have had to of purchased the Premium version to give you the additional feature you wanted, (which would have cost you 60€ more), even if you didn’t want all the other extra features that were in included in the Premium version.

Since September 2017 this is no longer the case.
You can now decide which specific functions, presets, soundpools or instruments you want as there are a number of coupons included with each version that allows you to chose these from the store. The amount of coupons included varies, depending on which version you chose to purchase.

There is also a way to unlock the functions, instruments and presets you may have obtained with earlier versions of Music Maker by using the serial numbers they were supplied with.

So if you don’t care about the new instruments or soundpools, this is a cost effective way to unlock the functions, presets and instruments that you previously purchased at no additional cost.

If you only want one or two functions which you don’t already own, then you can unlock them for only 9,99€ each by purchasing them from the store (incorporated in Music Maker). So if you don’t care about the presets, instruments or soundpools included with the Plus and Premium versions then this is a cheaper way to proceed, however, if you want a lot of features then the Plus and Premium versions represent much more cost effective way to go.

If you want a Premium function in the Plus version then this is not a problem, just add it via the store, or, for example, the Plus version + two additional functions you can now have this, rather than spending 60€ on the more expensive Premium version. The choice is now yours.

 So how many coupons are for free included in the Plus, Premium or Special Edition?

Older Music Maker versions (Music Maker MX - Music Maker 2017)
The instruments, functions and presets which were included.

Plus Edition:
4 instruments
1 soundpool collection from 5* (it included 5 soundpools)
4 functions
2 presets

Premium Edition:
8 instruments
8 functions
3 presets

Music Maker Special Edtion (80s, Trap, EDM, Hip Hop)
1 instrument from over 30*
3 soundpools (Depending on your version 80s, Trap, EDM or hip hop soundpools)

*The number of functions, presets, instruments may be expanded in the future.

How can I unlock functions, presets, instruments and soundpools?

First, you have to activate your edition:
Go into the in-app-store and click on the gearwheel in the top right corner.

A new window will appear. At the top, you can enter your serial number from the newest music maker (plus, premium, 80s, trap, edm or hip hop beat producer edition)
At the bottom, you can enter the serial number from an older version (MX - 2017) in different versions (standard, plus, live, premium or production suite)
If you already have older music maker versions installed then they will already be displayed on the screen.
Press ACTIVATE to unlock your edition.

A new window will appear which will show you that you have successfully unlocked the version. (On the picture it shows the hip-hop beat producer edition, with a modified image by me for the the english version of the tutorial.

Repeat that until you have unlocked every version you want.

How can I now unlock the functions, presets, instruments and soundpools for free?

Open the in-app-store and choose the category you want. (In my example we will choose from  ‘Instruments’ category. To do this, in the store select ‘More instruments’ from the drop-down menu.

At the bottom, you can see how many coupons you have left. I still have the option to choose 12 instruments for free.
If you have unlocked earlier version of Music Maker then the instruments from that version are already unlocked. You only have to download them.

Now I want to unlock the instrument Century Guitars, so I click on ‘Century Guitars’ and then click ‘PURCHASE’.

Another window will appear. You can see that the instrument would normally cost 29,99€, but the program knows that I have 12 instrument coupons left and so it automatically displays the cost to be 0€.

To buy the instrument you now only have to click on BUY NOW.
You have now successfully unlocked an item from the store for free. You can now download and install it.

I am now left with another 11 instruments that I can choose for free.

It is the exactly same for the soundpools, functions and presets.
For the functions and presets I would recommend unlocking it with an older serial number (if you have one), so that in the future newer functions and presets will be for free.

To sum up:
1. Choose your category
2 Choose your item
3 Press on BUY NOW
4. Check if the coupon was successfully added (so that the item is for free)
5. Download and install it.

I hope you now understand the process better.
If there are any questions then please feel free to ask.

Best wishes