K.87 (S)

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Classical music drives out hatred in those who are without love. It gives peace to those who are without rest, it comfort those who cry.


TrishM escrito el 01.04.PM a las 22:58 horas

Very musically played with the expression and artistry of a well-seasoned pianist. Absolutely beautiful.

Xanevik escrito el 02.04.AM a las 02:14 horas

Taking this in and feeling better. Your description rings truth to me as does your music. Thank you this is beautiful and a delightful sound to my ears, heart and mind. Thank you for sharing

schatz escrito el 02.04.AM a las 08:25 horas

It works,Thank you!

franco-galateo escrito el 02.04.AM a las 11:56 horas

compliment this is a great perforance.. classic music exellent...


Jinty escrito el 03.04.AM a las 07:38 horas

Simply beautiful,just what I need to hear to relax me after a sleepless night!!!!!!

carmelo-lobato escrito el 03.04.AM a las 10:53 horas

musica clasica,escucho mucho,para dormir,me relaja mucho,esta mui bien,tu trabajo.,saludos


DJ_Wash-8aer. escrito el 03.04.PM a las 18:30 horas

I'm not a real friend of classical music, but you'll take me there ...

Grrrrrrrrreetings!!! WASH 🖖🐼

MitchSoul escrito el 13.04.AM a las 01:39 horas

I must say that this is a very beautiful rendition you composed. Thank you once again for listening to & for your comment on "Just The Way You Are".

Cosmozentriker escrito el 18.04.PM a las 15:55 horas

LG Paul

P.S.: ...aahhhh,....Sonate h-moll K.87 (Sonata in B minor, K .87).... Domenico Scarlatti,...

Antiguo usuario escrito el 18.04.PM a las 16:35 horas

exactly 👍

Ganfo escrito el 07.05.PM a las 18:56 horas

Brano che ci riconcilia con il mondo, interpretato con molto sentimento! Complimenti!

Ganfo 😎