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  1. Created:

    Unable to export full movie

    I'm trying out magix and i have a 20 minute video and it only exports up to a point, the same point everytime. I have no markers or range selected and have tried various export formats. I exported the project before with no issues but my files just dissapeared so i redid everything and now i have this export issue. I'm pulling my hair out with this software. Answers greatly appreciated

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  2. Commented

    Arabic plugin to use for typing text

    Hello , please any one can help me to have a plugin to use for typing Arabic text.

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  3. Commented

    Catooh purchased fades/design elements

    Hi,  anyone have any idea how to import items that I have previously purchased on Catooh while using MEP 2016 Plus into the newer version of Movie Edit Pro Premium that I just purchased?  I have a work-in-progress video that I started in MEP 2016 Plus, and now I would like to complete the project in MEP Premium, but transition fades that I previously purchased are not available to me. Thanks!

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  4. Commented

    Movie Settings help - what is the best way now to resolve

    Am hoping for some advice on how best to correct what are obviously wrong movie settings so that I can export… I choose as a mpeg. (It should run for 4.30mins and will probably be seen just on computer screens to family.) This is an area I am totally lost in but as you can hopefully see from the screenshot that something is wrong. Can I just ignore? Is there a ‘Movie Settings for Dummies’ book? I was never involved in any aspectsof such technology at work or as a hobby and it has only been in the last few years with the Magix program that I have started to dabble. Because of this ignorance I tend to leave all settings alone and remain with the default ones. It obviously though did not work this time. In this instance our daughter had sent us a variety of short movie clips (some portrait, some landscape) taken on different phones when daughter with our grandchildren and friends were abroad recently on holiday. I thought I would then try and put together a short video memory of the trip. Don’t know if relevant but I started with a Magix template and then progressed. So there are quite a few different movie clips, some, four movie clips on the screen at once, titles and edited audio thanks to Magix Audio & Music Lab Premium. I guess two questions. What is the easiest way now to proceed so that I can export the movie? And two, what should I have done different in the first place? As a result of my problem, I have just looked at ‘Object Properties’ and from just an initial overview of the first twenty clips or so used I have found … 1920 x 1080  16 x 9  25 frames per sec – 7 clips 1920 x 1080  16 x 9  30 frames per sec – 4 clips 1440 x 1080   4 x 3  16.67 frames per sec – 1 clip 1440 x 1080   4 x 3   30 frames per sec – 11 clips 1440 x 1080   4 x 3   22.48 frames per sec – 1 clip 1280 x 960     4 x 3   14.37 frames per sec – 1 clip The clips vary from two seconds upwards. Despite all these variations I have just again replayed on full screen on my computer and it seems okay to my eyes. I am using Magix Edit Pro Premium. George  

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