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    Welcome to the new

    Dear Community members, Since 2001, a total of more than 250,000 users have registered on To this day we have many users that are active on a daily basis here, and this is because with us they've found just the right place to exchange ideas. We're a living community that conveys a sense of belonging, and we're proud of this. Admittedly, it hasn't always been smooth sailing. For this reason, we'd like to use the relaunch of as an occasion to say goodbye to SPAM, 502 Bad Gateway and other well-known bugs that on the one hand, have brought us to develop creative solutions, and on the other, caused us lots of grief. It's time to turn a new leaf. Any and all of you in need of help or willing to share your knowledge are welcome on our completely reworked platform. We are excited to hear from each and every person looking for a place to exchange ideas of the topic of media (known earlier as Show & Discuss), create tutorials and be part of constructive discussions. We already presented a few changes in our Announcement thread. With this relaunch, our goal is to keep the spirit of while creating more space for new beginnings that make it easier to have discussions and allow our users to upload tutorials and media even quicker than before. We've come a long way in developing the new, as you can see from the first drafts:   I'd like to take this opportunity to extend a big thanks to our users! Thank you to the moderators, who have always and with great passion fought for the platform's further development and have taken great care of the day-to-day business. Also, I would like to thank all developers, designers and project & community managers who have worked on this platform for years and have ultimately made this possible. And, finally, a big thank you to all the users, who give life to the platform. Have fun with the new! Best regards, Mathias Hoppe Community Manager

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  2. Created:

    Playback problem

    When I click play of the files in the timeline. It plays back like frame by frame. It is not a smoothe playback. It used to play back fine, but all of a sudden it's now frame by frame, I am using windows 10. And the slider in the time line does not move.

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  3. Commented

    Freezing screen just after saving wave

    Nearly every time I save a wave or MP3 the screen freezes. I can release the screen by hitting the little icon in the taskbar. Anyone else who has had anything similar?

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  4. Commented

    My top 4 Bugs (so far)

    My top 4 Bugs (so far) 1) Newblue ofx watermark does not go away with NewBlue stylizers ultimate package in Magix Pro X (no issues with “magix” vegas 14) 2) Several Newblue ofx plugings of type PIP and alike (picture in picture) do not work properly in Magix Pro X – black mask should not be visible (no issues with “magix” vegas 14) 3) Hardware acceleration (standard modus D3D) reverts to slow compatible modus when using rotation functions with e.g. photos in Magix Pro X. (no issues in MEP 2016) 4) 5.1 audio is massacred to a weird mono sound with no resemblance to the original, when imported as a nested sequence in Magix pro X. (It seems that “magix” vegas 14 with the similar project nesting is also not able to nest 5.1, but here at least the 5.1 audio is converted to stereo) All these are reported to magix (and some to both newblue and magix), and all I get is after a few weeks of insisting, yes we are aware of the issue, we have passed to the technical staff. And there it ends. I am not happy.

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