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  1. Commented

    aligning 3 videos to 1 audio file

    I have three videos on tracks 3,4 & 5 and a wav audio file on track 6. I'm trying to sync the 3 videos to each other and to the wav file and it wont work. Can anyone help please.  I'm using movie edit pro 2016 premium

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  2. Commented

    Data Entry Bug

    Realizing that 12 db is the maximum value allowed, here's what happens when I type in a value for the volume of a layer: A single digit creates an entry of the digit followed by a decimal point and a zero (i.e., 3 creates 3.0) A single digit followed by a decimal point creates a value of 0.0 A single digit/decimal point/second digit creates the value of 0.0 plus the first digit (1.5 creates 0.01) A two-digit entry creates a value of the digit followed by the decimal point, a zero, and the number (12 creates 1.02) The only way I have found to create a two-digit entry is to enter the first digit, then backspace the automatically entered digits and enter the second digit. It is not possible to enter a two digit valiue with a decimal point.    

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  3. Commented

    How to Print Multiple Images on Roll Photo Paper

    I have a new large format printer that uses roll photo paper.  I need to learn how to layout multiple photo images so that I am not wasting paper when printing.  I am using Magix Photo and Graphic Designer 5.  My operating system is Windows 64 bit.  I will appreciate any guidance that can be provided!  😊

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    Re-installing magic movies on DVD 7

    When installing the programme onto my windows 10 desktop set up < I find that the driver will not install. I have had this programme on disc for some years, is there a way to overcome this ? Any help will be appreciated.

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