Create static/animated graphical overlays - Xara & Movie Edit Pro

browj2 wrote on 6/1/2018, 12:04 PM

Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus/Premium and Video Pro X have commands in them to open Xara Designer Pro X or Photo & Graphics Designer from within the program, if installed, so that you can created static and animated overlays that become an object on the timeline. This means that you can draw and annotate in Movie Edit Pro, but you have to have one of the above Xara programs installed.

Revision 1: Xara must be closed before opening a project in Movie Edit Pro containing a Xara object, or before attempting to create or edit an overlay since MEP or VPX will try to open Xara again. If Xara is already open, the MEP/VPX may freeze or temporarily freeze.

See also my tutorial on creating masks using Movie Edit Pro and Xara.

John CB