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    The installation of MAGIX Music Maker problems...

    I just discovered that MAGIX Music Maker has now become free. While in the installation transfer, I was at 99% done, and I get this message...     "An error occurred during transfer which caused the installation to stop. This problem can most likely be fixed by restarting the transfer of the installer application. If you experience further problems, contact the MAGIX support.http://support.magix.com Click "OK" to restart the installation transfer."   How does that happen?   Thanks in advance.

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  2. Created:

    lumix gh5 10bit 4.2.2.

    having issues importing 4.2.2. 10bit video, "MXMPEG2 Error 0801: cannot initialize Intel decoder" the file cannot be read , does movie edit pro 2016 plus support these files ? I have paid for hevc support

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  3. Commented

    VPX update to

    Changes in version Fixed problem with choppy playback/frozen playback markerFixed graphics driver crash when a degenerated state is reached using rotation/mirrorFixed missing sound after project is loadedFixed single video frame being read at the false positionNow, all associated keyframes are removed when an effect is removed or resetAll OFX plug-in effects now look the same with and without optimized previewFixed problems with animated position sliders in OFX plug-insFixed cut-off text for alpha material in the chromakey dialogFixed 6K material file import errors in GH5Fixed export cancellation for DVD with AC-3 audio TRA still does not work properly. Project folder still has problems importing onto timeline in insert mode. It puts the clip at the end. The only other import feature that works from the project folder is exchange. No new features, meaning the ones that are in MEP2017 Plus/Premium but not in VPX. I haven't test much else yet.

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  4. Created:

    Border around text, learning Movie Studio 14

    Hi guys, Today I started to learn to use Movie Studio 14. I started with a concept from my head of a little video intro. I added a title to that video, which is moving in an animation, from the bottom to the top. The next step, which I wanted to achieve, was to add a border/frame around that text, which moves together with my title. This is where I'm struggling. I didn't find a way to add a regular border. Is this even possible? I would appreciate if someone could give me some tips. Thanks.

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