BESSINGO wrote on 8/26/2019, 8:11 AM

В приложении music maker jam указано, что для профессионального использования и торговли музыкой необходимо приобрести лицензию через платформу catooh. Как это сделать и где это выложено. Как выглядит сама лицензия - покупать опять в виде стилей или заключается какой-то договор - ничего не понятно. Кто в курсе, помогите разобраться, пожалуйста.

The music maker jam app states that for professional use and music trading, you must purchase a license through the catooh platform. How to do it and where it is laid out. What the license looks like - to buy again in the form of styles or some kind of contract is concluded - nothing is clear. Who is in the know, help me figure it out, please.


ralftaro wrote on 8/29/2019, 7:26 AM

Hi there,

In order to use the result of your work in Music Maker Jam commercially, you would need to purchase a suitable "pro" license of the specific style(s) you have used in your production through our online media market platform Catooh, unless you make less than 5000 US dollars on an individual song. Please also see the following official JAM blog post for more information:


On Catooh, you can find the Music Maker Jam styles in the following category:


Hope this helps!