2020 version botched 3D display, 2019 was OK

clement5 wrote on 8/28/2019, 10:00 AM

I am creating a slide show with side by side (SBS) full width 3D
images.  I put them into MEP, and then select 3D.  See jpg with
incorrect aspect ratio.  The image is displayed as if it were SBS
anamorphic half width.  If I output the video it is correct, so apparently
just the display is affected.  If I select a different image, and go back,
the aspect ratio is correct.  The slide images are 4:3 aspect ratio full width SBS.

I am creating a PAL 24fps 3840x2160 16:9 video

If I click on one of the images and then try to change the
display is again incorrect.  This makes editing extremely difficult.

I can successfully export my 3D images as single JPGs or BMPs
in aspect ration 7680x2160 full width side-by-side.  for the curious, I can
easily use MEP as an editor to put together various text and images in a 3D
format and create full size correct output.


However if I try to export in the same format as a sequence of
images, the output is incorrect. It is too wide as if the images were SBS anamorphic 2x horizontally compressed. I do set the aspect ratio to 7680x2160 and select SBS full width 3D output, exactly the same as for exporting a single frame. Don't they use the same code for both types of export, so both would be correct??????

Why not combine them into a single output with the following selections? 1. Number of frames, 2. skip count. The default would be 1 frame, with skip=1 specifying every sequetial frame output, but 2 would skip every other frame... A check box could select all frames withing the selected range. This would allow the user to easily create a series of images from a movie without having to select each one individually. The current single frame output remembers selected aspect ratios, but forgets the 3D specification, so it has to be reset each time. The output options are very inconsistent in that some correctly keep the options, while others do things like promiscuously change the aspect ratio if the output is 720 by 480 4:3, or the 3D specification.


Here is a previous problem.  MEP used
to allow input of .JPS images, but this is no longer allowed.  Why was
this done??????  JPS are just JPG images where the extension is a clue
that it is an SBS 3D image.  If MEP understood the format and
automatically set it up as a 3D image, that would be nice, but just allowing it

This was submitted to support. Support has fixed some of the problems with AVI export in different codecs at 23.976fps, but aspect ratio problems have still not been fixed.



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