20th Century MagixMusicMaker

Jesnie wrote on 10/21/2019, 10:16 AM


Are there any info on when Magix is gonna move MusicMaker into the 21'st century?

Since nearly every single PC sold today contains a 64 bit system, and at least 6 Gb ram, why havent Magix updated a software that are so memory dependent 64 bit?

It boggles my mind, since you can create 99 tracks, but can only use about 25-30 instruments, before it have gobbled its max of 2.5 Gb ram.

How many in here have an actual 32 bit system on your pc? common dont be shy, its ok if you do.

The only thing magix is achieving by keeping MMM as a 32 bit software, is throwing customers away.

I am currently looking for a DAW as easy to use as magix, but a 64 bit software.
If anyone know a program, pleas let me know. Cant make anything, with this outdated program.




emmrecs wrote on 10/21/2019, 3:24 PM


It has already been stated in other posts to this forum by Magix staff that a 64 bit version of MM is being at least planned.

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Jesnie wrote on 11/21/2019, 3:52 PM

Any news? Any progress? Planned to when? Should have been planned 10 years ago. Should have been released 6 years ago.

I cant farthom how you can take 160€ for a software that dont even run 64 bit.
And even the "multicore support" does not help, no matter how you try and sell it.
"Multicore support for large projects"

Yeah it says that. False advertising right there.

My current project have 35 tracks, with different instruments, but i cant even change instruments at the moment, without music maker crashing, again and again and again and again.
I am even planning projects with more than 50 instruments, but this program limitations are preventing me from doing anything. "Multicore support for large projects" Nope for tiny projects. Maximum number of instruments, around 20-25.

Music maker is so far behind, that it still think the internet is a new thing.

And all other Music maker users that are having these problems, stand up with me. Let them know that this is not ok. 160€ for a program that arent even build to run on never machines. Flood the forums, make support requests for 64 bit. Put some pressure on them, let them know that without their customers, there are no Music Maker.