4 different virsions of magix music maker and still the same issue??

Viking.hamster wrote on 8/25/2019, 7:56 PM

ok so to say im pritty pissed would be an understatment,MMM2020,2019,2018 and 2017 all have the same issue with sound pools needing constant redownloading or updateing.

ive tried the so called fix of deleting the file in database/common/magix/programfiles/c this does not work tried it multible times.

ive spent alot of money on this crap i mean a few hundred quid over a couple years with multible premium virsions,multible soundpacks and multible vst plugins,i dread the exact amount concidering premium is what about 70quid x that by 4 that alone is over 280 quid,add the cost of multible sound packs/vst plugins at 10-50quid that cost mounts up fast.

people might think im being overly annoyed but its almost imposable to do anything on MMM2020 without haveing to reinstall multible sound packs,sometimes thay dont even show the correct bpms,im working on a track at 80bpm and i see a sound i like that says its also 80bpm and its acturly 120bpm.

please for the love of all that is holy fix this problem or i can say one thing im going to be done with magix in all forms and go to FL studio at least that may be more complex but ive never seen it not do what its ment to and work propaly.

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