64 bit version increase 1 tone when press record

john-c9570 wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:17 AM

21 May 2023 download latest update for the 64bit version, but has not correct

one problem, if you choose any VST, and play on the midi keyboard, all is fine, if

you press record, all instruments increase by 1 tone, so press C before recording

and press C after press record, it plays D - any suggestions, as it stays like this for

entire duration until app is closed.




SP. wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:25 AM

@john-c9570 I recommend restarting the computer. Please make sure you select Restart and not Shut down.

Does this problem still appear after a restart?

john-c9570 wrote on 5/23/2023, 6:50 AM

Yes it does, I have installed MM this morning on Lenovo, and performed latest update, and the problem does not happen on the lenovo - but something interesting has surfaced, what is happening is on my main PC when i start up MM it is in fact a semitone low on any instrument, until you press record, then, it is corrected, i compared this with exactly the same MM on Lenovo and that is what is happening, so no idea why on start up the entire application is a semitone low. Any advice ???

SP. wrote on 5/23/2023, 6:55 AM

@john-c9570 No,I don't have any idea, except your MIDI keyboard might send a -1 semitone pitch bend.

You can try to reset the program settings under the File > Settings menu.

john-c9570 wrote on 5/23/2023, 7:49 AM

Thankyou for your time - im of the belief at this time, that my system needs total reinstallation including windows 10, as I think this problem has been like this for around 4 months, and at that time software changes were made including an application that removes unwanted files - so I think my system is corrupt. The lenovo is fine, Launchkey 88 works perfectly. Best regards

john-c9570 wrote on 5/23/2023, 7:52 AM

- question - If I rebuild, it means reinstalling MM, can I still obtain all my VST without having to pay for them as they are already paid for - ??

SP. wrote on 5/23/2023, 9:18 AM

@john-c9570 You need simply to log back into your user account and everything you purchased in the in-app-store will be restored.

I would recommend to back up all Soundpools so you don't need to redownload them and save bandwidth (check the folders tab in the program settings to find the correct folder) and of course back up all your projects. Save everything on an external hard drive.

You can easily reinstall Windows by holding SHIFT and clicking on Restart. Keep holding SHIFT until a blue menu appears. Here you will find several options what to do next. One option is to reinstall Windows. This can also download the newest version Windows automatically from Microsoft and will install it.

gjonny wrote on 5/23/2023, 3:35 PM

>> Keep holding SHIFT until a blue menu appears. 
I tried your "SHIFT" trick, didn't get a menu (presumably some kind of popup menu?).  I'm on Win10 with recent updates, what am I missing?
>> so I think my system is corrupt.
If you haven't already reinstalled Windows, and you think the corruption is in Windows itself, you could try running the System File Checker first.  Maybe that will be enough. 
 - open a Command Prompt (or Power Shell) window (both "run as Administrator")
 - type in: sfc /scannow

john-c9570 wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:22 PM

Thank you so much, been so helpfull, however i have not done anything yet, the reason is that (amongst other things) I have worked out that this problem only happened after i upgraded in March 2023 from 32 bit to the 64 bit version, then, noticed the issue. At this time, i will take less drastic action, and remove 64 bit version and do a clean up, then re-install, see how that goes. Again thanks for your assistance. best regards.

gjonny wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:42 PM


>> remove 64 bit version

But . . . recent versions of MusicMaker are 64-bit. I don't think you can go back to 32-bit Windows, and still run MusicMaker?


john-c9570 wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:47 PM

Sorry if you have misunderstood - - I had 32 bit version up to march 2023 - then paid for upgrade to 64 bit, that is when the problem occurred - so i will de-install 64 bit - clean up the PC, then re-install the 64 bit again..Best regards

gjonny wrote on 5/23/2023, 4:54 PM


>> I had 32 bit version up to march 2023 

Of MusicMaker? Then, yes, I did misunderstand. [the rest of my comment deleted -- I really did misunderstand -- sorry]

john-c9570 wrote on 5/24/2023, 4:11 PM

Hi there - so this is it - the issue is fixed, why it happened i have no idea, my solution was to take the original win 10 SSD (512Gb) from November 2022 - update the graphics card, update MM 64 bit as it had old 32bit, then cloned it over the NVMe 512 Gb SSD. System booted up ok, MM64bit works perfectly. I believe, but cannot prove, the reason this happened is that I purchased GFX card to upgrade, and was advised to download a special programme that deletes all information regarding the old card, then download the software for the new card. I think this may have taken or changed something on the machine. Anyway im up and running just thought you should know -so thanks for all your time. Best Regards