a bug decoding 220kbp mp3

Jose-Saucedo wrote on 1/16/2023, 11:05 PM

a bug on sound forge pro 16 suite - when i open an mp3 with a 220kbps, the sound gets all distorted some chunks of the song are not played, I own Sound forge pro 11.(build 299), and the same file opens with no problems. If i save the file without changes with sound forgo ver 16.1.3(build 68) it sound ok -odd since does not sounds good on the gui- but if i do any alterations every error gets enhanced and the saved file is trash. please correct the error. again Sound forge 11 does it great. windows 10 user


rraud wrote on 1/17/2023, 9:57 AM

Does the waveform appear normal (not clipped) and can you see the missing 'chunks' in the timeline? If the timeline waveform display otherwise appears normal, try enabling:
"Options> Preferences> General> Always proxy compressed formats"

btw, welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users community @Jose-Saucedo.

Jose-Saucedo wrote on 1/17/2023, 2:30 PM

RRAUD, I changed the options, and added a check on the "always proxy compressed formats"; after that the sound worked right. Even the clicks added to the file after running the "elastique timestreched" went away after running the process with the proxy changed. I should mention again ver 11, the "always proxy compressed formats" is unchecked, and works fine. I am adding a video of what was happening before the change

Thanks for the help