ACID failing to opne project

Mohamad-Tarabah wrote on 2/1/2024, 3:13 PM


I've been working on a project lately and I was almost done mastering just before rendering it to WAV.


After trying to reopen the project after a week or so the ACID file containing the project is failing to open saying I have missing plugins, I though maybe I changed some plugins location by accident so I started scanning again. I got some of the errors to disappear but there are these appearing in the screenshot that I can't get rid of, I tried everything in the universe one can do even scanning the whole computer for plugins and now it just won't open. Is there anyway I can bypass missing plugins? Seems unfair to redo a couple months of work because a plugin I didn't use in the chain anyway(Just because I opened it while using the software)

Edit: I have 4 versions of the project, one of them had just the soft synth "" (Looks like its looking for a plugin wihtout a name) missing to open, so now I have no clue but I managed to scan the other plugins


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