Acid pro 10 Trigger 1 midi channel with another midi channel

Ricky-archer wrote on 5/28/2020, 3:30 PM

I want to use 4 instances of a soft synth (synth 1 = arp, synth 2= pad arp etc, etc) but control it with a separate midi channel is it call triggering?. in logic its called monitor and you just draw a line to each track press the keyboard key and all 4 synth will play i think its a basic midi principal? can anyone advise. thanks . example in this video


DannyNYC wrote on 6/13/2020, 2:52 PM

Hi -- In theory, it is a basic MIDI principal. You are supposed to be able to trigger 16 individual sounds on a single MIDI instrument -- I have yet to ever see it work. Much less work the same way twice!

To change MIDI channels -- in the track header, right click on the MIDI Input icon (the first icon on the left under the track title bar). Then select Input and then choose the correct MIDI channel you wish to use.

Do the same for your output (the second icon under the track title bar). Make sure your VST instrument is selected and then select the correct MIDI channel from the pull-down menu.

i hope this helps ... good luck

emmrecs wrote on 6/14/2020, 3:35 AM


In addition to what @DannyNYC has written (and with apologies for not seeing this post earlier), this will work if you simply put each instance of the soft-synth on the SAME MIDI channel as your keyboard is transmitting on. So, if your keyboard is set to MIDI Out on channel 1, setting all your synths to MIDI In channel 1 will achieve what you want to do.



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