ACID Pro 11 issues recording live instruments

Ffamran wrote on 5/1/2024, 2:27 PM

Hi all,
I am having issues recording a live classical guitar track on ACID Pro11. I think I am getting something wrong here because when I record using the integrated Windows recording tool everything sounds as it should, but when I record a track in ACID Pro 11, everything sounds awfully bad.

So what I do is CTRL+Q to insert an empty audio track. Arm the track for the recording (the mic is giving nice feedback), then press record. Here's where the issues start: in the live tracker the audio line is flat (like the sound is very low) even though the feedback is borderline yellow. Then when I stop the recording and I listen to what has been recorded the track sounds as if it was recorded underwater, very low volume and sometimes distorted.

I am attaching two audio files recorded via ACID Pro displaying the issue, and one audio file recording the guitar via the integrated Microsoft Recording Tool.

Mic: RØDE NT1 5th Generation
Processor: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700H 2.30 GHz, 64-bit
RAM: 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable), HD: 1TB SSD

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated!

Thank you!



SP. wrote on 5/1/2024, 2:58 PM

Are you sure you are recording on the same device in both programs?

Maybe the Microsoft recorder is using your webcam?

Next, how is your microphone connected to your computer? Via an XLR cable and an external audio interface? Then you need to select the ASIO driver of your audio interface as the device type.

Not sure, how well an USB cable will work. Maybe you'll need an ASIO driver like ASIO4ALL or FlexASIO for your microphone, or does it have its own ASIO driver?

Ffamran wrote on 5/1/2024, 3:55 PM

HI SP.! Thank you for your quick reply!

Both the Microsoft Recorder and ACID Pro 11 are set with the RØDE NT1 5th Generation as input for recording.

The jack is USB-c to USB-c - never had problems with connections/jacks and always recorded nicely over USB and USB-c. The RØDE NT1 functions as it should with other DAWs, like, for example, FL9 Producers Edition XXL.

I have now installed the ASIO driver for RØDE NT1 and selected this in ACID Pro 11 however now the 'arm for record' button is greyed out and cannot be selected.

SP. wrote on 5/1/2024, 4:32 PM

@Ffamran Please click on the Advanced button on the Audio Device settings tab and open the ASIO driver control panel. There you need to configure the inputs and outputs. Can you also upload screenshots of that? Would be helpful to see that.

Ffamran wrote on 5/2/2024, 1:35 AM

@SP. Sure thing! Please see it below!

SP. wrote on 5/2/2024, 3:50 AM

@Ffamran Thanks. Yes, in the Advanced Audio Configuration only outputs are shown, so no input is available with this driver inside Acid.

I assume you already have installed FL Studio on the same computer? Please try the FL Studio ASIO driver in Acid. Maybe that will work. Also navigate to Advanced > Configure and select your microphone in the FL Studio ASIO driver control panel as the input.

Ffamran wrote on 5/3/2024, 3:54 AM

@SP. Thank you for your time on this!

I've downloaded Reaper and I’ve managed to set up the RØDE NT1 in 18 seconds! Guess I’m ditching ACID for a while, ahah!

Thank you again!