Acid Pro - Missing plugins - which track?

Emden wrote on 1/7/2020, 11:22 PM

I've opened a project in Acid Pro (Version 8) and it says there is a plugin missing . That's ok, I can replace it with a better one, but my problem is I don't remember which tracks used that plugin. When I click 'OK', it looks like all reference to that plugin are removed because I looked through every track and couldn't see the missing VST mentioned. So how can I figure out which tracks used it?


Graham-Hawker wrote on 1/8/2020, 1:18 AM

Reinstall the missing VST.

Emden wrote on 1/8/2020, 4:41 PM

Thanks Graham. I should have mentioned that's the first thing I tried, but Acid isn't picking it up. It's a free VST 'Ambience' reverb (from Plugin Boutique). It's only available as 32 bit, while I'm running 64 bit. I'm sure I had it working successfully before, but now it comes up as 'Failed' and has '(?? bit)'. In fact none of the 32-bit VSTs are being picked up. There shouldn't be a problem with 32-bit VSTs should there?

emmrecs wrote on 1/9/2020, 4:30 AM


32 bit VSTs can only operate in a 64 bit host, or vice versa, if the host has a "Bridge" utility included. I don't own or use Acid so don't know whether or not it does, but there is a very low cost utility jBridge which, once installed and fully configured, will allow 32 bit VSTs to run in a 64 bit host, or 64 bit VSTs to run in a 32 bit host.


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Emden wrote on 1/9/2020, 4:50 AM

Thanks emmrecs, I will try jbridge, at least to use the demo to see which tracks use Ambience.