Frank_Fader wrote on 12/9/2019, 4:13 AM

Sorry, this is not working yet in ACID's ARA. We will have to solve this with a patch.

toddbooster wrote on 12/9/2019, 9:09 AM

Thanks. Good to know it's not just me.

Studio-ES wrote on 12/29/2019, 8:17 AM

Why was my post deleted?

In the following ACID Pro Next product description, it explicitedly states that ARA2 is supported:

And for the record, ARA2 doesn't work in Sound Forge Pro either, yet it's product description states otherwise.

johnebaker wrote on 12/29/2019, 9:03 AM



Apologies - your post was hidden in error, while hiding a different post on a different topic and user.

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