Acid wond find factory VST instruments

BackInTimePlease wrote on 8/11/2019, 3:57 PM

Any ideas peeps

Acid wont find the factory VSTi's (Vita Choir... etc)


Does anyone know where these VSTi's are stored? pls

I did a scan of Public Documents > MAGIX > etc but I cant see any .dll files in there

I just cloned my HD cause of problems, thought they were fixed...

:) :)


Thanks for any advice in advance


CidBil wrote on 8/12/2019, 8:24 AM

This thread might help, also check the FAQ thread at the top of the Forum page.......

BackInTimePlease wrote on 8/12/2019, 9:39 AM

Hi CidBil

thx for the help <3

I found it out the prob. I was meaning to update this

Obvious... cause the path is shown the the plugin scan window (Donut, I'm a)

I have Acid 9 installed too, Acid 8 not working even after a re-scan. But directed it to

ProgramData > Magix > 9.0 (I think, you need hidden folders visible)

Anyway now Acid 9 plugins running in Acid 8, the Acid 8 ones must be corrupt somehow, prob need to download them again, but theres no point now I guess