Adding instruments to MM EDM edition?

Swindel wrote on 9/30/2019, 3:35 AM

I recently got the EDM edition of MM from a Humble Bundle but I am struggling to figure out how to load other instruments. I get that it needs to be a VST file but I am not sure where I can place it or even how to load it. The tutorial has different pictures to what I have so I am confused as to what to do. Is this version of the product rigidly stuck with only synthesizers that have to be bought in-app? Or is there something that I am totally missing?

Thank you!


Graham-Hawker wrote on 9/30/2019, 11:42 AM

You can add one free Magix instrument and one tiny percussion instrument from the store. For anything else you have to buy. For VST support you have to buy one of the feature bundles that adds this. Really it's not really cost effective. You should buy either the plus or premium edition and get far more options to add instruments and features at no extra cost.

ralftaro wrote on 10/10/2019, 10:07 AM

Hi there,

@Graham-Hawker is right on all counts, including his recommendation of the more cost effective Plus/Premium editions. Just for completeness' sake: If you do decide to get the VST support, either via real currency or via a feature credit from the Plus/Premium edition, the feature pack you're looking for is named "Creative Suite". It contains support for external VST plug-ins, as well as other useful features. Keep in mind that you need to use 32bit VST plug-ins with Music Maker at this stage, as it's a 32bit host program.