After 2 years of not using SpectraLayers Pro 2 I could not start.

mokusmisi wrote on 4/17/2021, 1:06 PM

After using SpectraLayers Pro 1 I upgraded to Pro 2. In 2016 received an activation key from Magix and used the program on my notebook. Since two years ago I did not use it. Yesterday I tried to start the program again, but it requested an activation. On the activation page I filled in the necessary data, but I could not reach the "Proceed" button, which continuously scrolled down to be hidden. I thought I needed to reinstall the program, uninstalled it. Then I recognized that the Pro 2 installer was lost. That's why I tried to install the Pro 1 version. The problem was the same, I could not activate it. I looked at my personal data on the Magix website: It is written that I have the key for the installer, but for that version there in no possibility to download the installer.

I paid for this sofware and I cannot use it. Can you suggest me what can/shall I do?

Thanks in advance!