All Directories Lost after Update to

ACGuernica wrote on 9/26/2022, 12:54 AM

I can no longer find my audio files because The new update changed my directories. This is not a question as much as frustration with each new update comes more problems that I have to try and fix. I'm not too concerned with the lost directories as I've made sure to keep my directories simple to understand, but it's just the hassle with each iteration of Magix Software.

I had some issues with the update not being able to install due to permission issues which is strange as I've never had a problem before this update. The update left my installation corrupted so I had to uninstall the program completely and reinstall. I continued to have error with it and I decided I would wait a couple days and perhaps there were bugs in the update that needed to be corrected. I was successful in installing the program (however I did have issues with Magix saying a process was open and couldn't continue-I took a guess and closed down the correct process in order to continue the installation).


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