AmL 2016 and latest download version do not run in Windows 11

SLTW wrote on 12/13/2021, 3:45 PM


I have the Audio & Music lab 2016 Premium (Steam) version as well as the Audio & Music Lab Premium download version (Serial starts with P3) available.

While the 2016 Steam version does not start at all the download version does at least give me the splash screen but then does also exit without any further error message or anything that would allow me to troubleshoot.

Trying the compatibility mode with windows 8, 7 or even XP do not seem to change anything. Running as Admin also does not help.Trying it with a different screen resolution or color depth has also shown no effect.

I know that there is Sound Forge 3, which i have purchased and works but it is so much worse when it come to usability and the user interface is an absolute horrible experience that i regret buying it and would rather go back to use the Audio & Music Lab.

So has anyone any advice for me on how i could go about further troubleshooting this?

Oh, since it is a fresh install of windows 11 the software is also freshly installed.
Windows defender as Anti Virus software does also not seem to be the issue.
Drivers are all up to date which include but are not limited to the BIOS, GPU, Soundcard and Chipset drivers for my CPU.