Anomalies with Acid Pro 10

Stephen-Maddison wrote on 8/3/2022, 10:02 AM

Here's another couple of oddities I am experiencing with Acid Pro 10. Maybe someone out there has also seen these and can tell me what to do about them.

First, when inserting a soft synth on a Midi track, if I select a VST3 instrument, it loads, but the assigned keyboard does not connect to it. I can see that the keyboard input is being monitored (Midi track sound bar shows activity) but no sound comes out. I have a VST3 instrument, a free synth called "Helm" from Matt Tytel. For some reason, this always works. So, I load this up, establish that it is working (keyboard produces sound through Helm), then switch to another VST3 instrument (e.g. Arturia's Pigments synth) using the "Edit Soft Synth" tab in the top right corner of the Soft Synth Properties screen, and it all works. I think that Helm is the only VST3 instrument I have that works first time. All the others (quite a lot of them) only work by being switched in after Helm is loaded first. Any ideas?

Second, I am working on an ambient piece to go with an animation I have produced. The track has several audio and midi tracks. Up to the fourth midi track (each with a different soft synth) I have no problem, but if I add a fifth track and assign a different soft synth to it, everything seems to work just fine. I can record from my Arturia keyboard into the midi clip. However, if I save the file (*.acd) and recall it later, about every 30 seconds the fifth synth master track emits a burst of white noise. It does this whether or not anything is playing. If I delete the synth master, I don't get any white noise on any other synth track. It does not matter what soft synth I put on this fifth track. Just creating the fifth track always has this effect. Everything is fine until the track is saved and re-loaded. It looks like some kind of parameter setting somewhere, but I have no idea what or where. Have you?

For the record, I am running Acid Pro 10 (V10.0.6, Build 9) on an Intel i7 6700K PC at 4GHz with 16Gb ram. The OS is Windows 10 Home build 21H2 and is fully up to date with all patches and updates, and I am using ASIO4ALL V2 as the driver.

Over to you, guys.



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